Multi-currency wallet for easy and fast conversions

Open business accounts in 20+ currencies with FasterPay. Convert funds in seconds and in the real exchange rates across GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, and more!

One platform to manage mass payouts

Need to payout to your suppliers? Manage your account receivables and payables from one place! FasterPay tracks every transaction in real-time to make payouts faster and easier with virtual accounts in local currencies.

FasterPay debit cards make global expenses easy

Handle your business' expenses worldwide with FasterPay's debit card, designed to offer your convenience, flexibility, and secure global payments.

FasterPay debit cards make global expenses easy

Handle your business' expenses worldwide with FasterPay's debit card, designed to offer you convenience, flexibility, and secure global payments.

FasterPay's customer promise

We're FCA accredited and in line with all global financial compliance regulations. We provide you with a secure global payments product with exceptional 24/7 customer service. 


PCI DSS Level 1 Security

FasterPay has the highest level of compliance in the Payment Card Industry.


User KYC support

Our KYC procedures provide crucial support in assessing customer risk to prevent fraud and AML.


24/7 customer support

Need some help? Our 24/7 customer support team is always on hand to solve any issues. Get in touch!


Chargeback early warning service

Efficiently resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback.

FasterPay for marketplaces

Using marketplaces to sell your products? Use our platform to tap into your customer base. Click to check supported marketplaces and integrate FasterPay for instant small business payment solutions.


Currency payment choices

FasterPay lets your customers pay in their currency with a preferred method.


Transfer balance

Transfer your balance into different currencies with ease!


Check payments

Check payments/money flows with our real-time dashboard.


No withdrawal fees

No withdrawal fees! Use FasterPay debit card to make payments for resources.

FasterPay is the better way to get paid

Streamline your payment needs today

Get started with FasterPay

No coding experience is required. Easily integrate FasterPay’s payment features into your website. Add pay button, checkout widget, subscriptions, and more.

FasterPay - Business

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